Julian Brenninkmeijer

He was born in Duluth Minnesota from dutch parents on the 31st of august 1987. They moved to Brazil after a year or so.  After five  pleasant years spent in Sao Paolo came the second big move. France, just outside of Paris, were he lived for about six years. A time where trips to the Louvre would mold his mind about art.
Next stop was the Netherlands. With A few years of british boarding school in between.

After graduation he decided to stay in the Netherlands. Julian first tried attending Artez in Zwolle. After a few months of what he believes to be “artsy farsty” classes it was clear to him that this was the wrong choice entirely.

He then chose the small private school in Amsterdam started by Ruudt Wackers, The Wackers academy. Focused on an older model of apprenticeship and classical drawing and painting methods, he had found what he was looking for.

After graduating in 2014 he started his journey as a real artist. Still living in Amsterdam, he tries to get his work done whilst grappling with being his own boss.